The Art of Cage Fighting

Cage fighting is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sport that takes place in a cage or boxing ring between two opponents. There are several phases involved in cage fighting, including kicking, pinching, “the clinch”, stand-up grappling, as well as takedowns and ground grappling. One of the fighters becomes the winner when they are able to knock out their opponent or put them in a “submission hold”, which forces the opponent to give up by tapping or by referee decision.

The sport is considered to be violent and brutal, and was once banned from being televised as it was too bloody to watch on normal sports channels. However, more and more people are attracted to watching fighters pulverize each other in this extreme martial arts form, which has turned the sport into a multi-billion dollar industry. For some this flamboyant mix of wrestling and kick-boxing is the most exhilarating and exciting form of combat, while others find it to be a violent and brutal spectacle that they feel is demeaning to fighters and audiences alike.

It’s like the steroid version of those natural testosterone boosters that you see floating around. MMA is the beefed up little brother of WWE.

History of Cage Fighting

During the 1990’s cage fighting was invented when an organization in the US called Ultimate Fighting presented TV audiences with an organized version of a “no-holds barred” barroom brawl, reminiscent of the Wild West, and this form of caged combat sport soon became famous, with fighters commanding purses in excess of $500,000 per bout, with the UK not far behind. The sport involves the technical combination of four different combat sports:

Kick Boxing

Queensbury Rules Boxing

Greco-Roman Wrestling


Audiences are offered the prospect of witnessing the gory spectacle of two opponents appearing in a human version of “cock fighting”.
The British Medical Association has warned that anyone taking part in boxing and any form of close combat sports runs the risk of serious brain damage and have called for the banning of highly dangerous cage fighting events. Proponents of close combat sports argue that humans have always enjoyed watching men fighting other men and consider it to be a natural part of human nature, evident since Roman times when the gladiatorial spirit was admired and revered.

Is it as Safe as They Say?

Promoters maintain that every step is taken to minimize the chances of severe injury and as many safety measures as possible are implemented, but admit that there are inevitable risks associated with full combat sports where blood will be flowing and someone will get hurt. They propose that cage fighting is safer than boxing where many deaths occur due to repeated blows to the head. In cage fighting, even though the aim is to knock your opponent out, a fighter can win by submission, points or by a referee’s decision.

Cage Fighting Rules (see full rules here)

•The first rule is that anything goes, except for: biting, eye-gouging, groin attacks, hair pulling, joint manipulation or inserting a finger into any orifice.

•No striking is permitted for safety reasons to areas such as the spine, the back of the head, throat strikes (including grabbing the trachea), and downward striking using the elbow.

•Once on the ground, no pinching, clawing or twisting of the flesh is allowed, nor kicking, kicking at the kidney with the heel, stomping of the head or kneeing.

•Throwing an opponent is allowed except for: spiking an opponent into the canvass with his head or neck, throwing an opponent bodily out of the fenced area or boxing ring, holding onto the gloves or shorts of an opponent.

•Spitting, abusive language, and holding onto the fence or ropes is not allowed nor is attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded, during a break, or while under instruction by the referee.

For some people cage fighting offers a chance of fulfilling a dream, but for many their dreams have been crushed. Some people who take up cage fighting train to stay fit, but ultimately everyone wants to fight. Someone who walks in off the street wanting to do cage fighting has to go through all the prerequisites demanded by the sport as well as rigorous training, as there can be serious consequences if a person is not properly prepared. According to Dr. Miles Meason, the mental preparation is even more important than any physical preparation would be. In 2010 alone more than 2.5 million Americans trained in cage fighting or fought in MMA.

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts as a Great Way to Stay in Shape

mma exercise

Mixed martial arts is an activity the whole family can enjoy. It teaches children discipline, and how to work to become the best. It gives us adults a chance to participate in an active lifestyle. It’s a hobby that allows you to let go of aggression in an appropriate manner. With the decline of boxing, mixed martial arts is taking over. It’s much safer, and way more interesting then two guys wearing gloves throwing punches at each other.

What is the First Step?

The first step in getting started is to find a school. You can’t go with any old karate school when you’re set on doing mixed martial arts. You need to find one that has classes with a focus on this. Pay attention to the age group, and gender the classes are geared for. This will help you find the right one for you.

You’ll be able to find a mixed martial arts school pretty easily, as it’s always growing in popularity. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gym for you, you can use the internet as a source. Don’t worry about typing your zip code into Google, it already knows your area because of the IP address.

Competitive MMA

Some people become interested in doing mixed martial arts competitively. This might be the right option for you. It takes a lot of work, but these athletes can become quite wealthy with their ability to fight. The martial arts instructor at the school you choose will have all the information on how to fight competitively, and the qualifications you’ll need to fit. There’s a lot more money in the sport if you’re a man under thirty.

If you’re interested in getting the whole family involved with the activity, a lot of gyms will offer a group rate. You might pay full price for one member of the family, but they’ll probably cut you a small break on the other fees. This is a popular thing with gyms and karate schools, but not every gym offers these types of deals. You can call a gym near you and ask for this information.

How Do You Know If You Can Handle It?

Remember to watch mixed martial arts on television so you can really get an idea if this is the right activity for you. They’re less aggressive ways to stay in shape, and many children find martial arts to be tedious. It’s giving them important skills though. In this world. they’re a lot of bullies. Kids have a right, and need to be able to defend themselves. Have a daughter? I know you want her to be able to fight off anything.

I hope you enjoy this activity. So many other people have already found that it’s a great way to stay in shape. Why not get healthy and learn a new skill at the same time? It’s sort of like killing two birds with one stone. You should sign up now. This is a popular activity, so classes fill up fast. I know you’ll love it just as much as everyone else.

Meet the A-Train

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Ladies and Gentleman meet your savior, meet your hero, meet the person you would one day hope your kids would grow up to be like, meet the man every father would be glad to see come home with his daughter, Meet Me, The A-Train. Yes folks, i’m just what you need and with my weekly dose of my new hit column “Train Tracks” i will have you on the edge of your seat all the way and begging for more at the end. So Hit MY Music and Let’s start the first ever Train Tracks.

The NWO: For Life? December 20th. The day that shocked the wrestling world. The day the New World Order reformed yet again. The day when Bret Hart, Jeff Jarret, and the two Originial members Scott Hall and Kevin Nash teamed up for the most deadly alliance wrestling has ever seen. Or so we thought. Next week, we saw the returning Scott Steiner join the boys to make the matters worse for the Bill Goldberg and the WCW faithful. This Alliance, This New World Order is unstoppable. They will not be defeated or have anything to do with it. They won’t stop until they are satisfied. But what is it for them to be satisfied? All the heavyweight titles? Been done. Taking out The Horseman? Been done. Breaking the rules set by officials? Been done. Taking Bill Goldberg Out? Now we’re talking.

Since Goldberg’s arrival he’s been unbeatable. He’s held the US Title and the WCW World Heavyweight Title. He’s beat everyone. Including “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, DDP, Ric Flair, and the list goes on. The only three times he’s lost is when he got screwed. Bill has never turned heel, which is rare in this business. Goldberg is the man, but The NWO has men and allys. Goldberg needs friends, he needs help. But Who? Sid Vicious? Chris Benoit? Sting? The next problem would be: Can you trust them? Bill Goldberg has been screwed so many times its unbelievable. He comes in second in this category only to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. But He’ll have to take that chance to survive from getting a bat to the skull or a spray-painted back. Bill Banks made it easier, He hired new commissioner, Terry Funk. Funk is an old man of 55 but looks at a normal age standing next to Arn Anderson. Terry is a man, a hardcore competitor, however, not many of the wrestling fans today remember his heroics and wrestling capability. I’m sure Terry will greet Goldberg with open arms, Since they need each other. But, WCW needs more than the phenom and a few old men.

There is no doubt that the NWO has dominated wrestling. The only people to stop the NWO, has been the NWO. They are their worst enemy. The group becomes to big and all members have swelled heads. Then they split. Another thing that contributes to their end is the plague of injuries awarded to them. This NWO looks to follow suit. Scott Hall once again is out with injuries and is in hot water with Russo for playing up to the crowd. Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner still is not fully recovered from his recent injury, but will stick around to draw more heat to the group. And who knows how long it will take Kevin Nash and Bret Hart to get hurt since they usually are on the shelf. In making up for this injuries they let more people join. That’s when the flood of jobbers come in, Henning, Vincent/Shane, Stevie Ray, Horace, Bagwell, etc.

Hopefully Vince Russo will keep this group small. Their is rumors that Buff Bagwell wants back into the nWo. Don’t let him, Also keep big brother Rick Steiner away. He might look good on the Varsity Club, yea, but look who he has around him? I could look good wrestling next to them. Also, i hope Russo finds out some new endings for the show. Having The NWO always kicking the crap out of Terry Funk for the next week ending the show will get old. As Old as Funk himself.

Although, people may think this angle is over used, worn out, or whatever they are wrong. WCW reached its golden age in ratings with the NWO and this is just a beginning. Nobody said a word when Degeneration X got back together, even with its only and original members-minus Shawn Michaels. Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara are creative geniuses. They have big plans for this NWO when all major players are healthy on both sides (Hall, Steiner, Goldberg). And these plans are fresher than before since we won’t have to stand through “Hollywood” Hogan trying to be “cool” and saying brother after every two words in their interviews. Its a whole New ball game, The Band is back together, But the only question left is this nWo going to be For Life, or just For Awhile?
Thats my story and I’m stickin to it and if you don’t like it I’ll stick somewhere else. i hope you guys all enjoyed my first column of Train Tracks. Email me at with feedback, questions, comments, complaints, praise, whatever! And until I scurry back to my computer next week and write you another column remember, If you don’t know what Hit you it was the A-Train.

Last Night’s Wrestlemania Recap

Here is my recap of last nights Wrestlemania: Godfather/D-lo vs Bossman/Bull Buchanan

The Godfather looked good with his braid down. D-lo looked good as well…The match was good, going back and forth. Don’t know alot about Buchanan, but he was impressive. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, I give it a 6.
Hardcore Battle Royal

I liked the format of this match. The title changed hands many times, but I did not like the outcome. Holly has been the Hardcore Champion and I was hoping that Tazz, or even Viscera would take the belt. I give the match a 7.
Al Snow/Steve Blackman vs Test and Prince Albert(T&A)

This was one of the more boring matches, except for occassional shots of Trish Stratus. Stupid what they did at the end with the mascot. I give it a 4.

Tag Team Ladder Match: Edge/Christian vs Dudley’s vs Hardyz

I am beginning to like these 3 teams more and more. Edge and Christian deserve the belts. I was hoping that The Hardyz would take it. The Dudley’s are realy making their mark on the WWF. The crowd really responds to them. The match was very good, alot of good bumps by all three teams. I give it an 8.

The Cat Fight: Terri Runnels vs The Kat

I thought this match would be longer, but it was good anyway. Mae Young just cracks me up. The best part of this match occurred during a backstage segment with Mae and The Kat, who had nothing on. I was a take off on the Austin Powers movie, with perfectly placed objects and camera angles blocking the good stuff! The match was very amusing. I give it an 8.

Chyna looked ravishing, as always. This was one of my favorite matches. Too Cool got some big pops from the crowd, but chyna stole the match. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Chyna’s pants kind of ripped, and her black thong panties were exposed. Very good match. I give it an 8.

Jericho vs Benoit vs Angle

Rikishi/Kane vs Xpac/Roaddogg

Another good match. Rikishi and Kane are great team, and I hope they work together down the road. Loved it when Rikishi smudged Tori, and also when he got Pete rose again. i give the match an 8.

HHH vs Mick Foley vs The Rock vs The Big Show

Overall, i think this was one of the best Wrestlemania’s to date. I give it a 8.